Christopher Wren presented with Bronze Award

Christopher Wren receives its Bronze award for donations to The Berkshire 2023 Festival

At its Lodge meeting on 28th September 2019 Christopher Wren Lodge had one planned event and one totally unexpected event.

The planned event was was the initiation of Bro Marco Canonino who  was initiated by his Proposer, WBro Pat Whelan. His seconder was WBro Liam Kenny, Lodge Secretary.

The unexpected event was the presentation to the Lodge of a jewel to signify that it had reached the Bronze Award for contributions to the Berkshire 2023 Festival.  The award was presented to the Lodge (and pinned to the Charity Steward’s Collar) by WBro Jim Sampins Prov.GDC on behalf of the Prov.GM.

Christopher Wren is the tenth Lodge to achieve the Bronze award: one lodge has achieved the Silver award.  There are four levels of awards to recognise a lodge’s contribution towards the Berkshire 2023 Festival, these range from Bronze to Platinum.

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